In this life and in this world, I hope to use my gifts and passions in an effort to show people how to see one another from one heart to the next.

Ideas that often spark, alter, or stimulate the senses to form a new perception of reality and understanding is a phenomenon that has fascinated me for years. I like to use my relationships, experiences, and affections to pour into the heart of my creative work. Whether it be when illustrating, filming, animating, or songwriting, the drive for all my expression is the same — to think, make, and re-create perspectives. Currently studying Animation & Digital Arts at the University of Southern California,  I aim to design captivating visual and motion graphic work that promotes a cultural maturity while also celebrating the beauty of timeless art. Ultimately, re-creating life and story in a stylistic, remixed fashion inspires a joy for me that I love to base much my passions in — the joy of unity.


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